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IM Report Card is changing the game. If you have a website or blog related to Internet marketing, spend a few minutes reading this message to learn how ...

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The Internet marketing community needs IM Report Card. Badly.

We, along with most legit "make money online" product developers and literally millions of consumers, are sick of all the scammers and crappy products out there.

We're doing something about it, and you can help.

We're not in the "guru business", but we've developed some of the most popular marketing products and web-based services over the past 5 years. Chances are you've bought our products, used our sites, or have at least heard of them.

What's even more important for you to know is that we are going to dedicate whatever resources it takes to make IM Report Card a success. You can count on that.

Our long-term mission is simple ...

To make it increasingly difficult for the creators of low quality products to rip off our potential customers, and to shift consumers' attention to the "good guys" - making it easier for all of us to help more people and grow our businesses.

Here's how we see it playing out ...

3 months from now:

IM Report Card has become a pretty popular site, with 1,000s of unique visitors a day. Your potential customers love it, use the site often, and tell their friends about it.

6 months from now:

IM Report Card is slowly becoming a household name in the IM community, and is the "go to" site to learn the real deal about ANY marketing related product or service.

12 months from now:

In one way or another, anyone and everyone looking to make money online comes across IM Report Card. Legitimate marketers with products and services featured on the site watch as their reputations and profits grow significantly.

Why you should tell your users about IM Report Card

It may take longer than expected or it may not take long at all to reach our goal, but the end result will be the same whether you help or not. Here's the only difference:

Help spread the word about IM Report Card and ...
  • Your users and people on your lists will thank you for telling them about it

  • Just for referring a friend to sign up for IMRC, you will receive an entry into our $1,000 Sweepstakes. When your friend signs up, they receive an entry too!

And here's what happens if you don't promote IM Report Card ...
  • "Your people" will wonder why you never told them about it

  • You'll miss out on a quick and easy, no-brainer chance to build goodwill and trust

  • Someone else will benefit from referring all of your users to IM Report Card

It really is as simple as that. Every IM Report Card user is automatically given a unique referral link, so all you need to do is create an account to get started.

Once logged in you'll find promo emails to send to your list(s), banners for your site or blog, and you can also use the "ShareThis" widget on your profile page to share your referral link via Twitter, Facebook and other popular social networking sites.

If you'd like to discuss our mutually-profitable partnership, shoot an email to

Thanks in advance,

The IM Report Card Team

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