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Default Global Cash PTR

This is the official discussion thread about Global Cash PTR, which is reviewed at:


If you have personal experience with this other, please be sure to grade and add at least one comment to the official review at the link above in addition to whatever you may post here. Thanks!
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Default they ask for service fee

I am a free member and my account is now 33.200,00.
You think you earned that amount?
wrong, the first 25.000 is not for you, so I earned 8200,00
When i ask for payment they say as you can see in the mail.

Dear member,

if you are free member,please see this mail.

Dear member,
we can not pay free member now.
we ony pay premium membership.
please forgive.
if you want to get your earning,you can upgrade your account.
you also can wait more than 3 months.
then we will pay the free member.


if you are premium membership,please see this mail.

dear member,

Your name on the payouts list,and you have upgraded your account,so we will pay you.
Now,please pay the service fee 299$ as soon as possible,then we will pay you that you requested.
after 10 dasy you do not pay the fee,we will dealy your payment and you should wait.
The fee is for lifetime,you need not pay Once again .
click this link to pay it.


Strange, you have to pay to get money.
I hope my boss will never ask me this for my salary.

I send a mail back and said that they can upgrade my membershio from my account, take some cost and send me the money.
I let you know what the story wil learn us.
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Default If you never get a mail from one person

If you are still alone and never get a mail from a person, do the following.
Take the paymentlist from Global Cash.
Send the persons who get a payment a mail.
If you try 3 persons, you get 3 mails.
If you try 25 persons, you get 25 mails.
wow, are you happy now?
No, because all mails you get in your inbox are noticed with

This is a non excisting mail-adress
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yes ...prostitution is called oldest profession. Now a days ...these guys do the same on online. Bastards don't pay and do not reply. It is unfortunate that IMGlobal Cash also recommended this bastard. my sincere advise to those bastard admins to go and do some male prostitution with pride instead of doing this
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I was cheated by two people who pretended to help me with getting my earned money from this site.
first is Leon Grol” who posts on sites like this that he can help You get money for 20% of Your earnings.So I decided to contact him and he gave me email to Mr “Poul Lanson” , this man claimed that he can get me money from Globalsach to my private account but he wanted fee of 1047$.I was stupid thinking that he is honest though to the end he claimed that i will have access to my account in 2 weeks from the date that he got money from me.
I have no news from him since than .Me last contact with this man was on 17th of February and it was like this: “Yes, within 1-2 weeks, we enable the transfer.”
And that was last mail that I got from this man.
I’m writing this all cause I want to prevent You from making big mistake .Don’t trust them.They only take Your money and than You are left with no money.
Well that’s my story ….
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