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Default Survey Savvy

This is the official discussion thread about Survey Savvy, which is reviewed at:


If you have personal experience with this other, please be sure to grade and add at least one comment to the official review at the link above in addition to whatever you may post here. Thanks!
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Default Hit Submit Before Done

I hit the submit button before I was done editing my comment (the underlined below is what's missing and should be there later - sent in a ticket on it).

There really wasn't anything I would've wanted to know before joining that wasn't available via the site's home page.

I like that they do send email invitations for surveys at least a couple times a month and that I can log in and see my account balance.

I don't like that the only things listed in my account balance are the number of surveys I've taken and the dollar amounts already paid to me. This makes me have to copy and paste the confirmation page (after completing a survey) in a folder until the payment shows up in my account.

My specific results after being a member for almost 2 years now are that I've made a total of $21.50 and have never won one of the fifty $10 prizes. I had them send me a check at $10.50 (no problems encountered), and have since made $11 more. I haven't tried to refer others into it like they want you to, but if I had referrals I doubt it would make much difference if they got as few surveys to do as I have. I wouldn't recommend this one to anyone unless they want to make a little money very, very slowly.
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this site is a great way to earn exta money,primarily it related but does have other.get a survey at least once a week. always paid on time.one of my favorite paying survey sites
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I have been a member of survey savvy for a few months now. To be quite honest with you, I keep forgetting about even being a part of their business because I hardly get any surveys and when I do; I am never approved to go through the complete survey.
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Default not worth joining

I,too like many others join survey savvy after reading about the reviews others wrote.After joining,I kept waiting for a survey to come to my inbox.A few came after a long times,but to my dismay,I never even once qualify.I am just wasting my time hoping that luck would come to the next and the next.Maybe because of my country.I decided to quit and stop wasting my time.
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