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I believed that "internet is life", it really helped people in connecting and communicating with others through internet. I used to explore new and interesting things over the internet, such as affiliate marketing, programming, computer games, blogs, visiting websites, reviewing products and at the same time seeking sideline online job. I'm still a student and luckily learned many things already. No doubt, based from my experience I can finish my job easily and reliable enough. But life should not end there, and i still continue reading new things over the internet and meet new friends for I know it will me in the future. I have lust in improving myself. For every time I satisfied myself and others in doing the terrific jobs like writing reviews, coding programming language, designing, affiliation marketing, visting hundreds of websites, following social networking sites and countless activities on the web, give me more confident and improved my skills. I'm not tired in doing those works for I know I gain benifits also and I'm not type of person that have a strong patience in doing a service and I don't stop until I finish my service, because quiting is not in my vocabulary. And I'm very thankful also because those activities helped me to developed my confident, self- education, marketing strategies and on how to socialize with others. However, If you think i'm too weird, your wrong. I can still manage my time doing outdoor activities, having fun with friends and maintening high grades at school. For I know a person should not excel in one particular activity only but should learn how to balance the intellegent and resources that he have. Although i'm poor in some talents (dancing or singing) but i'm truly proud in the skills that i have. :)

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Location: Philippines

Interests: Internet surfing, travelling around the word, and discover and learn new things

My site: http://rjasitstudent.blogspot.com/

My blog: http://rjasitstudent.blogspot.com/

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