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Systems Analyst, Programmer, CFO and Expert Money Manager. Retired at 43 in 2005. I specialize in helping broke people start any kind of online business they want for $9 - the cost of registering their own domain. Everything else is included free of charge - ez1dot d-o-t n-e- t

The trick to free is know where to find the right offers which means you have to speak up, make noise and ask. The Purple Cow gets more than just grease for a squeaky wheel. Believe it or not, I love giving away free stuff because I'm greedy. People need people to succeed and that means helping everyone you can otherwise I won't get everything I want. Like I said, I''m greedy...nice sometimes.
My current activities include developing websites, blogs, and article writing. The latest in lead generation and traffic software, local search engine directories, installing social media sites and starting new micro-blogging sites are what I call fun! Scam artists make it difficult to believe the truth when they hear it which is why I try and expose every one I find and plan on putting them on display here - scamzoo d-o-t c-o-m Just like a real zoo...it's where they belong.
C-EZ1, Inc. is another company that began as off-line advertising agency formed in 1985 and currently handles outdoor promotions, Public Relations, retail marketing and print advertising to local markets that include all the brick and mortar distributors, customers and vendors we've done business with for the past 40 years.

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Location: California

Interests: Catching Scam Artists & Warning Elderly Newbies

My site: http://www.productioncarcare.com/shop/custom.aspx?recid=16

My blog: http://www.spydudes.net

Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/thriftgirl62

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