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"Paid Surveys" Sites

The Internet is ripe with seemingly endless opportunities to make fast and easy money. One of the most prevalent examples of this are "paid survey" sites.

The basic idea behind these websites is that you can receive compensation for giving your opinions about a company's products and services or doing such things like evaluating its customer service.

While there are certainly many legitimate paid survey opportunities, there are easily as many if not more that are outright scams.

If you are considering joining a paid survey site to supplement your income, then you should be aware of some red flags so that you don't wind up getting ripped off.

Tip #1 - NEVER pay to join a paid survey site.

Legitimate paid survey sites are funded by companies that are looking for honest and objective feedback from their survey participants.

They need this feedback to help grow their existing brand or give them valuable insight about new products they may be developing.

Consequently, it is in their best interest to compensate people who help them gather this information as it can save a tremendous amount of time and money in the long run.

Therefore, it should make sense that you would not have to pay them for the opportunity to complete surveys about their products and services.

If you have come across a paid survey site that requires you to pay money to join, it is in all likelihood not a legitimate market research site and should be avoided.

In fact, 99% of these sites don't offer paid surveys at all. Once you sign-up and give them your money they simply give you a list of market research companies that you can easily find on your own with Google or any other search engine.

Tip #2 - Be careful of claims that sound too good to be true.

This may sound obvious but remember the old saying that "if it sounds too good to be true it probably is" definitely applies in the case of paid survey sites.

Some red flags to consider when running across one of these websites are long sales letters which promise large amounts of income for little work, or even worse, guarantees that you'll make a certain amount of money in a short period of time.

(The brutally honest truth about "paid surveys" is that even the legitimate ones pay very little and you'll be lucky to make even $20 a month doing surveys.)

Remember that these are all very common tactics used by skillful Internet marketers to increase excitement and enthusiasm so if you find yourself feeling these emotions it is likely that the site is a scam of some sort.

Tip #3 - Do your due diligence before signing up for anything.

Check IM Report Card, forums or other consumer advocacy websites prior to joining a paid survey site. A little research will usually keep you from getting scammed.

In closing, remember that while there are legitimate paid survey opportunities on the Internet most of the sites promoting "paid surveys" are deceptive if not completely fraudulent. Most are just affiliate marketers trying to make an easy buck off of you.

And even the legitimate market research companies pay very little for completed surveys, which makes it impossible to earn any real money doing online surveys, so we recommend you don't even waste your time trying.

Hopefully our advice of never paying to join a paid survey site, checking out a potential site on forums or with consumer advocacy groups and lastly, watching out for outrageous claims will help you reduce the risk of being scammed.

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